February 13, 2007

chicken tenders satay

Perhaps the best and most convenient way to make chicken satay is to use fresh chicken tenders readily available at the favorite grocer. Aside from being very lean and uniform in size, the chicken tenderloins are really what they claim them to be, very tender. A basic and simple marinade of finely minced garlic and ginger, soy sauce, a little peanut or vegetable oil, brown sugar, lemon or lime juice, hot sauce or red pepper flakes, salt and pepper works great but there are so many other variations and ingredients which may be substituted or added like peanut butter and coconut milk depending on one's taste. These satays ( skewered chicken ) didn't take long to brown and cook in a stovetop grill pan which always does a good job creating the grill marks. The pan is also quite handy during winter season when it's just too cold to grill outdoors. I used to bake them, but I prefer the grilled look better.
Peanut or sweet chili sauce may be served as dips along with some sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. There's no question about the popularity of these Asian appetizers, rich in flavor but not in fat. They're also great as a main dish with some Asian style salad, soup or noodle dish. Garnish with chopped cilantro or green onions before serving.

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