February 5, 2007

tuna burgers & veggies

Heavy rains prevented me from going out to pick up some fresh salmon to cook for dinner. However, for days like this, there's always a plan B. Canned tuna came to the rescue. For these tuna burgers, I opened two cans of chunk light tuna and drained them very well. The tuna was then transferred to a mixing bowl, then finely minced celery and onions were thrown in along with some cornstarch as a binder, a little mayo ( too much will make the "burgers" soggy ) cayenne pepper, worcestershire sauce, 1 T lemon juice, a little salt and pepper. Mix all the ingredients well. On a plate, combine plain and panko breadcrumbs together. Panko breadcrumbs are coarser and often used in Japanese cooking. They may be found in Asian markets. Form the tuna mixture into about 3 inch round patties. Coat well with the breadcrumb mixture and set aside on a tray. The patties may also be done ahead and refrigerated in sealed container or covered with plastic wrap. Pan fry in small amount of olive oil until golden brown on both sides. I served them with flour tortillas, guacamole, salad greens, fine carrot strips and cucumber ribbons which were neatly created using the slicer gadget below. It was a great idea to make tortilla wraps with the tuna burgers, topping them with the veggie sides and guacamole.

fine carrot strips, cucumber ribbons,
tomato slices & mixed spring greens

vegetable slicer gadget works great for cucumbers & carrots

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