June 12, 2007

asian lettuce wraps

the ground pork & tofu filling for the wraps

A tasty recipe idea from my cousin who's visiting from Manila. She regularly attends these cooking lessons held at the Nestle building where she gets lots of recipes, cooking tips, new product samples and ideas. Everytime she comes to the US to visit, she would share these new recipes with us. Likewise, everytime I get a chance to come back to Manila, she would take me and my sister-in-law to these Nestle cooking classes. Lately, these cooking lessons give her and my other cousin an opportunity to meet and enjoy each other's company. After the lessons, they sometimes go to a movie and have lunch together. This healthy dish uses tofu with ground pork and veggies like carrots, beansprouts, green onions and scrambled egg sliced into strips. The iceberg lettuce leaves replaced the usual springroll or tortilla wrapper for a healthier and lighter substitute. Ground pork may be substituted or mixed with ground turkey if preferred. Firm tofu were sliced into strips. Other ingredients are finely julienned carrots, chopped onions, garlic and beansprouts for some crunch. Top with the strips of scrambled egg. The lettuce leaves were then washed, dried and set aside on a serving plate. Saute the garlic and onions with the pork until fully cooked. Combine the rest of the ingredients adding the tofu and beansprouts last. Flavor the wrap filling with hoisin sauce, salt and pepper. To make your own wraps, spread a little bit of hoisin sauce on the lettuce leaves before filling. Fold the leaves over and serve. A good party idea and an easy dish or appetizer to serve, the guests can make their own wraps however they prefer them.


  1. Hi! Went to Chinatown in downtown Chicago & bought beansprouts & tofu among other things. Cooked this dish & they liked it especially Apple.

  2. Great to hear you made it for them & thanks for sharing the recipe with us!