June 13, 2007

grilled mustard chicken

A very flavorful dish marinated in a mustard and olive oil combination, this easy chicken recipe was a sure hit with my husband who just loves the flavor of any kind of mustard even by itself. A basic combination of olive oil, dijon & regular mustard and fresh or dried rosemary gave this chicken dish its signature taste. This was another great idea shared by my cousin from Manila. She was telling us that she got this recipe from a family friend who served this dish to them when they were visiting her in Boracay (one of the most popular beach destinations in the Philippines). Boneless chicken breast fillets were trimmed of excess fat, washed & drained. Then they were transferred to a ziploc bag with the marinade and placed in the fridge for a few hours or even overnight. We used a stovetop grill pan to cook the chicken pieces but next time I will try to grill them outdoors. The chicken pieces were grilled for about 5 minutes each side, depending on the thickness of the breast fillets. The excess marinade was simmered until slightly thickened and used as a sauce for the grilled chicken. We decided to serve it with some whole wheat couscous, for a Mediterranean flair. Serve with a garnish of some fresh rosemary leaves. I will definitely add this to our list of favorite chicken dishes.

tomato & fresh rosemary garnish


  1. Our 2 grandnephews like this dish very much especially the left-over marinade which is simmered until a little bit thick. They mix it with the rice. I'm happy to share the recipe with you.

  2. Thanks! I still have to get the complete recipe from you. I also added your tip for simmering the marinade for the sauce.