June 14, 2007

simple desserts

Lately, our favorite grocery store which is also the closest to our home, has been having a promo and giving away freebies for every $25 dollars worth of purchase. Every week they feature and give away anything from potato chips, soda, crackers, etc. One recent freebie was this package of 6 mini angel food cakes. These are great for individual servings of strawberry shortcake, which was exactly what we did for dessert one night. I could have bought ready whip topping which was most convenient, instead I decided to get heavy whipping cream, definitely more work, but I think it's tastier and creamier than the ready whip kind or it may just be my imagination. Whipping the cream takes only a few minutes to do anyway, and the whipped cream stays fluffy and holds its shape until the next day in the fridge. The first dessert we did with the mini cakes were strawberry shortcakes. They were filled with some instant pudding ( I used cheesecake flavor ) before the sliced strawberries were arranged on top. Then they were topped with whipped cream. We used up only three of the mini cakes so for the leftovers, we did a peach shortcake version. For a different serving style, I dropped the mini cakes into small bowls this time, then filled them up with the same instant pudding before topping with the sliced peaches, whipped cream and fresh cherries. Both versions came out light and creamy. Nothing can beat the convenience of these store bought cakes, perfect for some quick and easy dessert ideas.

all lined up and ready to eat


  1. So easy! I will definitely make this dessert. I hope the mini angel food cakes are available in Manila, if not I will try to use other kind of cake.

  2. Like you said, you can get almost anything in Manila now, so these mini cakes may or may soon be available in the markets...thanks again! I appreciate your nice comments!