June 11, 2007

a wedding experience

The most awaited event of the year in my mother's side of the family was my cousin's recent wedding, which turned out to be a successful family reunion as well. Cousins from Canada, her dad's family in California, an aunt from Wisconsin, a cousin from Manila, and us all flew to the Windy City to witness the event. Another uncle and his family, who all live close by, were all present as wedding participants as well. Simple but elegant is how I would describe it, made special with the combined efforts of family members who all helped to make the occasion a memorable one. My aunt ( the bride's mom ) did most of the one-of-a-kind accessories used for the wedding way ahead of time. My cousin, who came all the way from Manila, handmade some beautiful rosary bracelets as extra favors for the wedding guests. My family in Manila were particularly close to the bride and her older sister since we were neighbors when I was still there. Their family migrated to the US but we kept in touch by regularly exchanging letters, pictures and now by email. There was a particularly touching moment during the wedding when the bride & groom handed flowers to their parents as a token of their love, gratitude and respect. The reception which followed in an exclusive and cozy country club was well-organized with the presence of a live band, dancing, good company and good food. I chose fish among two other choices of beef & chicken. The fish entree was teriyaki salmon with a side of assorted veggies. The salmon was done right and flavorful. The beef, which my husband chose, was a prime rib steak. He said it was equally good. The chicken was cooked like beef wellington en croute in pastry, it looked delicious as well. We had an unforgettable wedding experience indeed.


  1. The wedding was beautiful. It was nice to see our other relatives again. Everybody had a great time.

  2. Good to hear from you again! I agree, from the solemn church ceremony to the fun reception afterwards, the wedding was such a memorable family event! I'm sure our families in the Philippines would love to hear more about it and you will have the opportunity to share the experience with them. Thanks!