February 29, 2008

home cooked dishes

Both my sisters-in-law are very good cooks and bakers. It's true that practice makes perfect. Both of them didn't know much about cooking when they first got married. I guess it just proves that knowledge comes to those who are interested and willing to learn. Now the dishes that emerge from their kitchens are something to be proud of. We were treated to some of their best dishes while we were visiting them. I requested for some dishes I have missed like the Hokkien-style Chinese lumpia or spring rolls and the ginataang langka or grated young jackfruit with coconut milk. We would like to express our gratitude to them for all their hard work in the kitchen.

Top row (left to right): steamed lapu-lapu or grouper with mayo & topped with red bell pepper strips, hard-boiled eggs, onions & lemon, Hokkien-style lumpia filling with ground pork, tofu, carrot and cabbage strips & the lumpia rolls.
Middle row (left to right): pan-fried pork barbecue with red hotdogs and pineapple, kare-kare, a popular Filipino stew made with pork, peanut sauce, thickened with finely ground or powdered rice, steamed yard long beans, eggplant & sliced banana hearts, chicken and pork adobo Pampanga-style with quail eggs (Pampanga is a province in Luzon noted for it's good food & cooks).
Bottom row (left to right): ginataang langka or grated jackfruit cooked in coconut milk, brazo de mercedes (a yummy dessert roll made with eggwhites and filled with a thick custard), all the dishes on the table.

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