March 1, 2008

historical ruins of Corregidor

Top row (l-r): cannon display at Battery Way,
the mile-long barracks ruins, light house
Middle row (l-r): view from Corregidor,
soldiers' monument, topside barracks ruins
Bottom row (l-r): light & sound show inside Malinta Tunnel,
tour buses parked by the Corregidor Inn, entrance to Malinta Tunnel

Whether you're interested in learning something about WWII history or not, this is one outstanding day tour I would certainly recommend to any local resident or foreign tourist. From the reservations, the on time departure and arrival, amazing views, to the very informative and excellent tour guides, I have to say that they have pretty much perfected the tour from the many years they have been doing this. I first had a chance to join this tour more than 10 years ago when I belonged to a small travel group at work and our goal was rediscovering the Philippines. Even back then, Corregidor Island Sun Cruises tour was one of the well organized and enjoyable tours we joined so I'm glad to be able to come back and to find out that they're still doing a great job preserving and promoting the place. We were able to reserve for the second schedule which left Manila on board a fast air conditioned ferry at 11 am. It took only one and a half hours to reach the island.

buffet lunch of roast chicken, grilled pork chops, pancit or stir-fried noodles & vegetables (above), watermelon and ginataan bilo-bilo or sweet tapioca and bananas in coconut milk for dessert (below)

A buffet lunch (shown above) was waiting for us as soon as we got to Corregidor Inn, which was a quick 5 minute ride from the dock. The tour buses have open sides, which made it very quick and easy for passengers to get on and off. After lunch, we started the tour around the island, stopping at some significant historical landmarks. Our guide was very well versed with the history of Corregidor, remembering all the important dates and events. After seeing all the ruins and watching a dramatic light and sound show at Malinta Tunnel, it was time to head back to Manila. Corregidor was definitely another highlight of our stay.

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