March 1, 2008

good food & company at Tagaytay Highlands

Our second visit to Tagaytay was a full day of fun courtesy of my cousin and her family who took us to this very exclusive members-only club and resort called Tagaytay Highlands. It wasn't my first time there, thanks to my cousins' generous invitations in the past, and it was a delight to get another invitation from them to come back, this time, with my husband so he could see and experience the amazing views and amenities offered here.
Lunch (shown above) was a delicious and relaxing treat at The Greenhouse, starting off with some warm foccacia bread, a healthy assortment of mixed greens and herbs (grown in the greenhouse right beside the restaurant), fresh tropical fruits sprinkled with some addicting crunchy lima beans and accompanied by two kinds of dressings which they also sell there. Immediately after the starter salad, we were led to a table filled with bowls of ingredients and condiments to choose from to create our personal pastas. I chose my favorite seafood pasta mix of cubed salmon, shrimps and scallops with a creamy sauce. There was an unlimited serving of refreshing dalandan (local orange) juice drinks as well as some hot tarragon (known for its digestive benefits) tea at the end of the meal. For desserts, we were served some bananas cooked in sweet syrup and fruit salad. Both were very good. Blessed in the presence of great company, we lingered and talked some more, enjoying the fresh cool breeze flowing freely inside the screened in restaurant, surrounded by nature. We appreciate the opportunity to come and visit this luxurious place.

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