April 27, 2008

hotdogs & chili

Sundays are usually lazy no-cook days for us at home. There's always some light snacking of some crackers and chips in the morning a few hours after coffee time but when hunger strikes at around mid-afternoon, we have several options or classic stand bys we rely on. Hotdogs on homemade hotdog buns and bowls of chili are just a couple of our favorites. I usually buy Nathan's brand hotdogs, one of the tastiest hotdogs I've tried here in the US. Back in Manila, red hotdogs with the popular Purefoods brand, are still the kind available in most groceries and markets. Although it's probably wise not to consume too much hotdogs because the preservatives in them are not too good for our health, I grew up eating them and a craving for them, that's just hard to resist, hits me every now and then. I use the same basic roll recipe I have for these hotdog buns (shown above). I just have to remember to make them smaller next time. These buns I baked were more like hoagie roll or sub size. So I had to split the buns and use just half for one hotdog. The chili may always be cooked ahead, in fact, it tastes much better the following day when the flavors and spices get some time to blend together better. We prefer the hotdogs pan-fried in a little olive oil until slightly browned and toasted. Serve with some cheese slices, dill or bread and butter pickles, mustard, some chips and Sundays at home couldn't be any better.

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