July 31, 2008

corned beef rolls

Corned beef and pan de sal (the most popular roll or bread in the Philippines) is a favorite snack combination for many Filipinos. It's enjoyed anytime of the day, but breakfast seems to be the best time to eat it. This canned meat product has been around for many years. There are several local brands that are quite good, and which appears to have better meat texture than the imported ones. The local brands have improved quite a bit. The most common method of cooking this is by sauteeing minced garlic, sliced onions and tomatoes (optional) in a little oil then adding the canned corned beef, breaking it up and stirring it until heated through. Cubed pan-fried potatoes may also be added. It's often served with eggs, cooked sunny side up or scrambled along with sliced fresh tomatoes on the side. This version I made wasn't really a new idea. There are a few meat-filled rolls sold in Manila's bakeshops today like asado and adobo rolls. Both are well-known traditional Filipino dishes used as fillings. I thought about using the corned beef instead as a filling for these rolls. I tried a foccacia recipe to make the dough, instead of the basic roll recipe I always use. They turned out quite good although the dough seemed heavier than what I wanted. Next time I think I will just go back to the basic roll recipe I'm used to. I can see why corned beef pan de sal is such a hit and I will definitely make this version again.

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