July 27, 2008

macarons with four flavors

Made another batch of macarons (above) which we brought to my in-laws when we visited them early this month. This time I just flavored the macarons and didn't make any fillings for them.
Here they are:
1. Raspberry macarons - made with hazelnut flour instead of the usual almond flour. I used hazelnut flour for the first time and I noticed the shells turned out very fragile. It didn't help that I totally forgot to stand them for a longer time before baking. I've been making macarons using the Italian sugar syrup method which I feel more confident working with. The eggwhites seem to be more stable.
2. Eggnog macarons - made with hazelnut flour as well. The eggnog flavor went very well with the hazelnuts. This flavor was a hit.
3. Pistachio macarons - made with intense pistachio flavoring we bought from King Arthur's Baker's Catalogue online store. A scant 1/4 tsp was enough for the this batch.
4. Fiori di Sicilia macarons - this is the first time I made them with this flavoring which was described as a combination of citrus and vanilla with a lovely floral aroma.

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