August 25, 2008

pan-fried chicken tenders

In my effort to eat healthier, this is the way I make fried chicken these days. Very lean and tender chicken tenders are great for them. Pan-frying them in minimal amount of olive oil makes them crispy with a "deep fried" look without the added fat. First, the chicken tenders were seasoned with salt and pepper. Some dried herbs like basil and oregano may also be added if preferred. Dip the chicken pieces in beaten egg, then dredge in a mixture of flour and breadcrumbs. Press the breadcrumb mix well to the chicken. This step may be done hours ahead, refrigerating the coated chicken until ready to pan-fry. Pour a small amount of olive oil in a skillet and fry the chicken tenders until well browned and fully cooked.
I served the fried chicken tenders with a side of homemade fettucine pasta and green salad. They may also be served as finger food with a couple of basic dip choices like honey mustard or ranch on the side. For a touch of the Orient, a sweet and sour or spicy chili dip may also be used.
Finding so many creative ways to serve them makes these fried chicken tenders one of our favorites.


  1. Hi! I was thinking of what to do with the chicken breasts I have in the freezer when I remembered you pan-fried chicken tenders. The only thing I forgot when I did it was to dip it in beaten eggs. It turned out good also. To pair it with I cooked sukiyaki.

  2. Welcome back after a long absence! Thanks for your comment. Glad you like the pan-fried chicken tenders idea.