August 19, 2008

slow cooked meals

In my experience with everyday home cooking, I think the slow cooker is one small electric appliance that's indispensable in our kitchen. There are just days when the convenience of one-pot meals can save the day. Even back in the Philippines, we have relied on this handy electric wonder for as long as I can remember. There are many Filipino dishes which require braising and simmering over low heat, that makes the slow cooker very practical to use. Barbecued pork ribs (shown above) may be prepared and marinated in the fridge overnight. A standard barbecue marinade may be used for this. Chopped onions were first added to the pot, followed by the marinated meat, then cooked on low until very tender.

Lean pork cubes and black eyed peas make up this rustic pork and bean stew (above). Warm, fresh from the oven, cornbread, completed the meal. The black eyed peas may be cooked ahead and may be frozen for future use. The flavor of fresh rosemary leaves worked perfectly with the pork. With a flavorful tomato sauce base, this was a healthy and very filling dish for a busy weekday meal.

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