October 26, 2008

grilled Greek pork kabobs

This was another memorable meal that I have to add to our must-do again list. Straight from the pages of Everyday Food magazine (see photo below) this dinner consisted of grilled pork tenderloin kabobs, a refreshing cucumber and couscous salad, homemade pita bread and a yoghurt dip loaded with mint.

Every now and then, I get inspired to look for new dishes and meals to make. For the kabobs, boneless chicken was suggested in the recipe, although beef tenderloin or lamb may also be used. I decided to use the pork tenderloins I bought instead. Lean and tender, they were a great substitute. I trimmed the pork very well, then I cut it into 1 inch thick slices. Next, the cut pieces were marinated in some olive oil, dried oregano, 2 tbsps. vinegar, salt and pepper for about 30 minutes (or overnight in fridge). Alternately tread marinated pork pieces in wood skewers with some cubed red onions and zucchini. Set them aside while making the dip. Fresh mint was the key ingredient in the yoghurt dip. Regular plain yoghurt may be made much thicker and creamier like Greek yoghurt by straining it in a small colander lined with cheesecloth for a few hours. Combine the strained yoghurt with crumbled feta cheese, chopped fresh mint, finely chopped cucumber, a little vinegar and season with salt and pepper. Pulse in food processor or blend until smooth. For the cucumber side dish, combine thinly sliced cucumbers with cooked couscous, green peas and toasted walnuts then top with crumbled feta cheese. Toss the salad with some olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper dressing. I grilled the kabobs indoors using my very reliable grill pan which always comes handy for days when I'm just not in the mood for outdoor grilling. Brush the kabobs with olive oil before placing on the hot grill. Serve them with the yoghurt dip, cucumber side dish and some whole wheat pita bread.

my plate of grilled pork kabobs with yoghurt dip,
cucumber salad and pita bread (shown above)

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