March 19, 2009

cake "oreos" (whoopie pies)

Based on this article from the New York Times, whoopie pies are making a comeback and gaining popularity these days. I was browsing one of my favorite food websites, Tastespotting, when I spotted these cute chocolate cake cookies from Food is Luv. I promised them I would give their recipe a try and here they are, shown in the photo above. Many thanks to Food is Luv for the cute idea! I followed the exact recipe for the cakes but for the cream filling, I just mixed the ingredients up and added the powdered sugar gradually until I got the right consistency. The cake oreos or whoopie pies, as they are more popularly called, turned out really moist with just the right sweetness even with the rich cream filling. I baked and served them when we had some guests over for dinner recently. I must say they were pretty good because they were a hit with the teenage girls in the group. They didn't say no when I let them take the few left with them for their road trip. At first they thought that I just bought them and served them straight from the box. They think those store bought ones are too sweet and these were so much better. Success! I used dark Dutch-process cocoa but next time I will try using half regular and half Dutch-process cocoa. They turned out almost black with the Dutch-process cocoa that I had to photoshop the picture to improve the color. But all in all, these cake oreos are now in my list of favorites.
moist cakes with just the right sweetness


  1. they look fabulous!!! so glad you enjoyed them!

  2. thanks once again for the recipe & tips! will make them again asap :)