June 4, 2009

more bread baking

More baking and experimenting in the kitchen led to many more bread discoveries as I continue to learn and work with the ever changing character of my sourdough starter and adding healthier whole grains as I go along. Here are a few of the results so far:

I was surprised to see this whole wheat loaf bread (above) rise this high in the baking dish. The addition of vital wheat gluten to the bread mixture not only makes the bread rise high but improves the texture and the shelf life as well. This was not made with the sourdough starter.

A generous sprinkling of black and white sesame seeds added an interesting look and a nutty toasted sesame seed aroma to this sourdough bread. It was made with a whole wheat and unbleached bread flour combination. I have been using King Arthur brand unbleached flour since I started making sourdough bread.

Another batch of part whole wheat sourdough bread made with the starter I bought from the Baker's Catalogue sometime ago.

I've been trying to introduce more whole wheat flour to the basic sourdough recipe I've been using as a guide. It took a few trials to be familiar with the consistency of the mixture and the appearance of the dough.

I just love the flavor, the open crumb, chewy texture and aroma of freshly baked sourdough bread. Toasting the slices enhances the flavor and allows the butter to melt and get absorbed by the bread. Jam or jelly completes the picture. It's my favorite breakfast treat with coffee.

Any day of the week hamburgers usually mean baking a batch of these burger buns using a basic roll recipe but shaping them into flat round pieces of dough instead.

I usually get a couple of loaves like these (above) from the recipe I follow when I bake sourdough bread. These were from my earlier experiments. Back then, I only used 100% unbleached bread flour.

There's always room on the dinner table for freshly baked sourdough bread served with our favorite dip made with olive oil, minced garlic and parsley seasoned with salt, pepper and some red pepper flakes.

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