June 3, 2009

spam in a blanket

my version of pigs in a blanket using spam (above)

I believe that the best way to fully experience the culture of another country is to stay for a longer time to be able to immerse oneself in the lifestyle and live the way the locals do. I was fortunate to be able to do that in Hong Kong back in the late 90's when I was sent there on a work trip. I stayed for a month and a half in the bustling city where I went to work and learned to commute by MTR or their local public train, with plenty of time to explore the city during the weekends. I have fond memories of those days to this day. It was during those busy rush hour mornings going to work when I used to stop by a bakery located right at the foot of the MTR escalator where I used to exit. Back then I wasn't much into food photography so I regret not having any picture of the place. It wasn't hard not to discover it because everyday, there was always a group of working people gathered there. The line was long but it went fast. Everyday the aroma of freshly baked bread was enough to make one stop and look. All kinds of bread, from sweet to savory, were all laid out on the counter and choosing wasn't easy. I used to stop there for a particular kind which easily became my favorite. The bread or roll was wrapped around a slice of either thick ham or spam and cheese, very similar to this "spam in a blanket" version I made over the weekend. They just reminded me so much of that bakery, the fresh bread, and most of all, the enjoyable time I spent in Hong Kong many years ago. I have to make these again, not just for the memories they bring back, but because they turned out really good as well : )

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