September 6, 2009

nectarine tart

I refuse to let summer pass without making a dessert with the seasonal peaches and blueberries combo. Somehow, here in the US, I've always associated peaches and blueberries together with summer just like I used to eat my favorite sweet mangoes at their peak during the summertime back in the Philippines. I've tried making rustic pies in the past and a peach and blueberry snack cake once. Sadly the peaches I bought to use for the tart were not as juicy and sweet. However, I found some organic nectarines which looked perfect for the tart I wanted to try. The crust was the best part. The custard poured on top before baking needed improvement though. It may have been better if I just cooked the custard until thick and just spread it on the cooled crust or made it thinner to drizzle on the fruit just before serving. The recipe I found required the custard to be poured on top of the arranged fruit slices then baked, but the thin custard left the center part of the crust soggy. Next time, I will find a better way but for now, I can't deny that the tart had good flavor and the sweetness was just right. I sprinkled some oatmeal and chopped walnuts on top to add texture. The oatmeal worked like a granola topping, crunchy and sweet. No peaches this time but the nectarines were a great substitute.

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