December 11, 2009

holiday highlights

The ceramic pheasant (above) provided a colorful backdrop and welcomed the family into my in-laws' dining room for our traditional Thanksgiving holiday meal.

A beautiful glass bowl on a wrought iron pedestal filled with fresh citrus fruits and leaves was a great holiday centerpiece idea for the dining table.

Turkey will always be the star of Thanksgiving celebrations in most homes all around the country. At my in-laws' home where we gather every year for this special holiday, smoked turkey (shown above) has been a family favorite for many years now. The legs were used the next day for a delicious chunky Tex-Mex soup, a new recipe my mom-in-law cooked for us.

From the flaky crust to the sweet nutty filling, mom-in-law made this homemade pecan pie (above) from scratch. It was a special request from her grandson who loves this pie. It may have taken more time and effort to make, but there's nothing like fresh homemade pie : )

This pineapple upside down (above) was another lovely cake my mom-in-law made from scratch. She baked it in a cast iron skillet instead of a regular cake pan. Loaded with sliced pineapples and brown sugar syrup, this lovely cake added a tropical and festive touch to one of our holiday meals at their home.

Sliced avocados went very well with this ham and vegetable omelet we had for this comforting breakfast treat. The extra sauteed mushrooms spooned on top of the omelet were also a nice touch. We had a relaxing day at a nearby town browsing at local shops that were well decorated for the holiday season. It was a nice drive to the town, with all the well kept farms and lovely homes along the way, but most of all, we enjoyed our laid back days at home with the family. The time we spent with them made our Thanksgiving holiday special and memorable.

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