December 16, 2009

stuffed green bell peppers

Coming back home from our many exciting trips to Baguio City when I was still in the Philippines, our luggages would be filled with fresh produce and treats we bought from the Baguio Public Market. A trip to Baguio would be incomplete without stopping and browsing at this very popular market before heading back to Manila. With its cooler temperature ideal for farming, Baguio is a big supplier of flowers, fruits and vegetables sold in Manila markets. I would often bring back crisp iceberg lettuce, strawberries and green bell peppers along with other treats like Mountain Maid brand peanut or cashew brittle and ube (purple yam) jam. As soon as I got home, I would always make a green salad with the lettuce and these stuffed green bell peppers. The stuffing is very basic, made of ground beef cooked with minced garlic, onions, tomatoes and seasoned with salt and pepper. Then after cooling the mixture a bit, slightly beaten eggs with a little flour were added as a binder. The ground beef mixture was stuffed into the peppers which were sliced in half with the seeds removed. The stuffed peppers were then sauteed or pan-fried in a little olive oil until cooked through and well browned. This has been one of my favorite recipes for green bell peppers. Red or a combination of bell peppers will make a more colorful presentation. For a spicier version, poblano peppers may be substituted.

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