January 24, 2010

weekend food discovery

Shown above are two kinds of German sausages and Italian sausage, coiled in the center.

Our fun and exciting weekend of food discovery was dampened by the disappointing news that one of our favorite restaurants in town, a very good German restaurant, is now closed for business. It actually came as a shock to us even though we keep hearing that a number of restaurants in our area had closed this past year due to slow business. We never thought this restaurant will join the trend for it was quite a popular place not just with tourists but with locals as well. We will definitely miss their creamy mushroom soup, German potato pancakes, house salad, pork schnitzels, bratwursts and of course, their wheat and dark beers. The good news is, as I was saying earlier, we discovered a new deli in town selling fresh European sausages, cold cuts and other gourmet food products. Aside from the deli, the friendly chef, assisted by his personable wife, can prepare a variety of hot and cold sandwiches and platters to go. We were so delighted to discover this place and vowed to come back very soon for some more of their tasty products. I guess we can very much relate this to the saying, when a door closes, a window opens. In this case, it just happens to be true.

Note: As of now, our favorite German restaurant may have closed but the good thing is, a new one took its place. Along with other changes, the interior has been updated and the menu was revised as well. We've tried it once and so far, we enjoyed the different versions of classic German and European cuisine they offer.

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