February 27, 2010

sourdough rolls

Those assorted warm dinner rolls that they serve on board cruise ships have always been something I look forward to. Those delicious dinner meals, created by the chefs and kitchen staff, wouldn't be complete without those crusty and chewy sourdough rolls that usually accompany them. I've been thinking about attempting to make the same or a similar type of dinner rolls with my sourdough starter for quite sometime now. I finally got a chance to experiment one weekend and was quite happy with the results.

Each roll turned out light with good flavor, a crisp crust and a chewy interior. Fresh and hot just out of the oven was the best time to sample them. Maybe next time I will try to brush them with eggwash to give them a shinier crust similar to the dinner rolls at the ship. I used a combination of all purpose flour and white whole flour mixed with the sourdough starter for this batch. I also added a half cup of our favorite harvest grains, a blend of several kinds of seeds including flax and poppyseeds. They gave the rolls additional flavor and fiber. With good butter and a hot cup of coffee, these rolls also made my everyday breakfasts something to look forward to and enjoy.


  1. Please refer to the basic recipe for sourdough baguettes in the post/link below. Just shape the dough into rolls instead of baguettes. The recipe may be adjusted depending on the consistency of your starter.