July 5, 2010

summer popsicles

top row (L-R) blueberry banana,
blueberry yogurt & cream, pure strawberry
second row (L-R) cantaloupe banana,
creamy avocado, cantaloupe

We used to buy these sugar-free fruity popsicles at the grocery that we just love. Now that we have these popsicle mold sets, I've been experimenting with different fruity combinations. The cantaloupe-banana flavor is only one of our many favorites. Mixed with yogurt, these popsicles are so refreshing and light. They're just the right treat on a hot summer day. The avocado flavor may be something new and different to many, but in the Philippines where I grew up, avocado is considered more as a fruit than a vegetable. Avocado ice cream and fruit salads are well loved desserts out there. Cubed avocados are mixed with sugar and evaporated milk or just tossed in condensed milk, chilled well and served as a dessert. In our family, we love to mash the avocados with sugar and milk which we then freeze in rectagular pans or ice molds. This was my favorite way to eat avocado when I was a kid especially during the hot summer months. The popsicle molds work great. We got them based on excellent reviews in Amazon.com. Just puree the fruits or fruit combinations in a blender or food processor with yogurt, milk or juice. Add sugar or simple syrup, additional flavorings if preferred then carefully fill the molds, leaving a half inch space on top. Freeze overnight or until set.

the popsicle molds all filled up in the freezer

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