July 6, 2010

corn dogs at home

(1) the corn dog maker was easy and fun to use (2) the non stick interior was easy to clean, just wipe off with a damp dishtowel after it cooled down (3) it was a little tricky to fill at first so it got a bit messy (4) the tops may not always be perfect but flipping the corn dogs over showed a better looking pattern for a much nicer presentation at serving time.

I remember this gadget in the Philippines where it was commonly used. Some snack counters at the malls would also sell these corn dogs but they were more known as "waffle dogs" in the Philippines. It was harder to find this corn dog maker for home use here in the US but we finally saw this one and bought it at Amazon.com. It worked great. The nonstick interior makes clean up very easy. It has a waffle pattern which made a pretty good impression. The first time I made the corn dogs, I used the cornbread recipe suggested in the enclosed pamphlet. It turned out a bit on the dry side so I decided to make the batter based on the cornbread recipe I like to use. I replaced the flour with some Biscuick and reduced the cornmeal. This mix was lighter, more like pancake batter and it didn't dry out. Corn dogs appeal to many but we all know that they're usually deep fried and not so good for us. These corn dogs eliminate deep frying in oil making them less greasy and much better. I like to pan fry the hot dogs in a little olive oil to brown them slightly then let them cool and drain on papertowels while preparing the batter. These corn dogs were just the perfect weekend snacks for us.


  1. Thanks for the post! Approximately how long does it take to make a batch start to finish? Trying to find a cheaper healthier alternative to the frozen ones you buy in the store. I'm planning to make in bulk and freeze. 5 kids go through a box of 12 in just a little over a day, I did find this on amazon also but I was not finding any reviews. So Thank you :)

  2. If you use a cornbread mix, it's much more convenient and quicker to make. The corndogs don't take much time to cook. It's just like cooking pancakes, maybe about 10 minutes or less, depending on how toasted you like them. Haven't tried freezing them but it sounds like a good idea! Hope your kids will like them. Thanks!