December 16, 2010

bangus (local fish)

My first visit to our favorite local market was with my brother & sister in law. We set out to buy whole pieces of one of the most popular local freshwater fish here called "bangus" for "paksiw" and "sinigang". Both dishes have characteristic sour flavors. Paksiw is cooked with white vinegar while sinigang (this version has miso or salty soybean paste) gets its acidity from tamarind and local lemons or packaged sinigang mixes for a more convenient option.

deboned bangus or milkfish in sour broth with sliced ampalaya or bitter gourd

sinigang sa miso ~ cooked in miso with local variety of mustard greens (shown below)

it was hard to resist the native kakanin or rice cakes at the market so we got some for dessert

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