January 15, 2011

lechon kawali (crispy pork belly)

whole deep fried pork belly with crispy skin
This was a special treat for the New Year that my sister in law made for the family. Pork belly cuts with the skin still attached are always available at local markets here. She was able to get a good size cut from the market meat vendor that was just perfect for deep frying. Most often marinated and grilled or deep fried as lechon kawali (shown above), it's obviously not on the healthy side but I like to believe that it may be just fine when eaten once or twice a year for special occasions :-) The whole pork was simmered in salted water with garlic, onions, a little vinegar and whole peppercorns until tender but not falling apart. Then it was drained well and cooled. This process may be done ahead with the cooked pork stored in the refrigerator until ready to deep fry. Deep frying must be done carefully preferably in an outdoor kitchen or stove as the splattering oil may be messy. We celebrated and welcomed 2011 with many reasons to be thankful for. We will always be grateful for the blessings we have received in the past. We're all hoping and praying that the blessings will continue this year for all of us.
sliced and ready to enjoy with a soy sauce & vinegar dipping sauce
or a gravy or lechon sauce made from grilled pork liver
cooked in vinegar and spices

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