January 22, 2011

lunch treat at King Chef

My friend G insisted on taking our group to lunch after checking out the displays at Dapitan Arcade (a market with many stalls selling all kinds of items mostly made of native local materials. Most of the items they sell there are decorations for the home). From Dapitan Arcade, we proceeded to King Chef, which is located in the Banawe area and not too far from Dapitan. My friend has tried this restaurant before and was so excited about discovering it that she wanted us to experience it as well. She was right, King Chef was one of the best Chinese restaurants I've tried in years. The food and the presentations were worth seeing and coming back to. It may be years before I come back to Manila again but I look forward to visiting King Chef again next time :-)

starting off our lunch with a serving of comforting soup
egg drop soup with crab and quail eggs
dimsum with shrimps
wish I can learn to make this
baby asparagus with minced garlic at home
yang chow fried rice
superb crispy whole grouper with mango sauce
another dish with fish and tofu served in a wok
deep fried pork spareribs with lots of toasted garlic :-)
served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce

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