January 30, 2011

day trip to Tagaytay

The welcoming sign was the first thing we saw as we approached Cliffhouse in Tagaytay. I've read about this new place, one of the recent additions to Tagaytay's growing list of attractions. This is no longer the Tagaytay we used to pass for many years when we would go to my father's hometown of Alfonso. There were only a few famous places and restaurants to try back then. But that was many years ago when Tagaytay wasn't as crowded with weekenders and traffic was non-existent. It was a bright and sunny Sunday morning when our group of college friends went on a day trip to Tagaytay. We left Manila early arriving at the Cliffhouse in time for our 9 am brunch reservations at Buon Giorno, the restaurant we wanted to try at the Cliffhouse. Along the way, we passed by the big church to check on the Mass schedules and decided to go after the brunch. I was impressed with the quality of produce and fresh salad greens they sell outside the church. There was a time when I remember we can only get lettuce from Baguio City. Now Tagaytay farmers are producing other varieties of lettuce as well. From the church, we were priveleged to visit an exclusive residential community where we spent the rest of the afternoon. It was a relaxing and memorable day spent in the company of my best friends.
the Cliffhouse sign glistened as we approached the entrance

the welcoming view of the place


shady pathway leading to Buon Giorno restaurant
the restaurant's main entrance
the view of the Taal volcano from our outdoor table
breakfast and brunch menu
the tarragon tea was light and perfect with the meal
fritata with bell peppers
eggs benedict with strips of ham
my order ~ 3 cheese omelet with herbs
a friend visiting from Italy was craving this traditional Filipino breakfast
tocino (marinated pork slices) with garlic fried rice
beef salpicao with garlic fried rice
combining Filipino & Spanish flavors
crispy adobo flakes served on top of garlic fried rice
which my friend said was good but a bit too dry for her taste

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