February 9, 2011

cooking class at Nestle

Attending cooking lessons at the Maggi culinary center is getting to be a tradition whenever I'm in Manila. I would always get a call from my cousin aG informing me of the date for the cooking class. It didn't really matter what they were cooking that day as it has always been a treat for us to attend. The lessons are usually free as part of the company's marketing plan to introduce and promote Nestle and Maggi products. The classes are always full so it's important to reserve early for a seat. The Nestle building is just a walk away from my cousin's place in Rockwell so she always reserves the seats for us. We had the opportunity to see Chef Imelda Go assisted by her daughter as she shared her tasty rice dishes to the class. She was generous with her cooking tips and we all enjoyed listening and watching as she cooked her specialties that day. Her food presentations were all outstanding. Hopefully the lessons will continue to inspire many avid and beginner cooks searching for new recipes and cooking techniques.

the spacious, bright and well organized
Maggi kitchen located at the Nestle building

Chef Imelda Go at work
8 treasure rice stuffed roasted chicken with
5 spice seasoning and a touch of hoisin sauce
beef orange rice
very colorful Thai bagoong rice ~ made with Thai shrimp paste
wrapped in egg and garnished with mango and cucumber slices
cilantro and fresh chilis
the sweet finale ~ Thai black rice served with coconut cream

some of the popular Nestle products available in the market today
that Filipinos consume everyday


  1. Cool! I didn't know there was such a place offering free cooking classes. Thanks for sharing the information - I'm going to check out Nestlés website! 8-)

  2. I'm sure you'll enjoy the cooking lessons...we always do :-)