January 4, 2011

more Filipino favorites

The holiday season brought forth many opportunities for me to once again witness and taste a variety of Filipino food favorites from fruits to tradititonal holiday food but aside from these, I had cravings for other regular snack treats as well. Here are a few of them.

queso de bola, imported edam cheese from Holland, makes an appearance
in local markets and groceries during the holiday season...the perfect
pairing for me was hot pan de sal, thin slices of this cheese with Chinese ham

the holiday season is incomplete without
 this citrus variety locally known as "dalandan"

longans (shown above) are imported from China and comparable to the
more well known lychees in taste and texture but with smaller seeds
and without the tough inner seed covering
caramelized sugar makes deep fried banana cue made from
a variety called "saba" one of the most popular
street food snacks I crave for out here
mini rice cakes steamed with small pieces of cheese on top
will always be included in my list of favorites

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