January 5, 2011

post holiday food

A common practice around here in the Philippines is to try to avoid eating greasy and rich food as soon as the holiday season is over. Seafood usually retails for a much higher price because of the huge demand for them at this time. Most people crave and tend to prepare healthier and lighter food. My sister in law came home from the market the other day with some local clam variety called "halaan". She immediately cooked them like tinola (a Filipino chicken soup cooked with fresh ginger slices, sayote or chayote vegetable and pepper leaves). The fresh clams produced the most flavorful broth that I seem to have forgotten but at the same time made me realize how much I've missed it after so many years. This is just part of the simple things that makes me more appreciative of my stay here.

Pan fried blocks of fresh tofu (shown below) also from the local market served with a dip made of soy sauce, vinegar, finely chopped red onions and seasoned with a little sugar, salt and pepper were the perfect appetizers for the clam soup.

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