February 25, 2011

crackers with milled flax seed project

I've read about the health benefits of flax and would like to learn more about introducing it to our diet by finding ways to cook and bake with it. Sometime ago, I signed up to receive samples of milled flax seed from my favorite baking supply store, King Arthur Flour company, for a baking and survey project that they asked consumers to participate in. Thinking that they would send me just enough samples to try, I was surprised and happy that they mailed me two 14 oz packages of the good quality stuff. The recipe for whole seed and grain crackers I was asked to make was enclosed. I found the same recipe in their website listed as Crunchy Crackers. I have always relied on King Arthur products and Baker's Catalogue online store for the best quality ingredients for my baking needs. Some of their products may be more expensive than other popular brands in the market but I have always been pleased with the excellent quality of their ingredients. As long as they remain consistent, I will not regret paying a bit more for the best quality stuff. As a fan, I was just excited to do this testing, tasting and survey project for them :-)

the ingredients all laid out on the counter

(1) kneading the dough (2) the Kitchen Aid pasta attachment was a big help in rolling out the cracker dough as thin as 1/8" to 1/16" as required in the recipe (3) the cracker dough sprinkled with harvest grains, black and white sesame seeds as shown resting and ready to bake

hot from the oven crackers
 snapped and separated to pieces while still warm, the crackers turned out crunchy, given a few more minutes in the oven, with a good nutty aroma and flavor ~ the milled flax seed blended very well with the other ingredients 
 the crackers served on a plate and shown with some sundried tomato dip

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