February 26, 2011

whole wheat braided bread with milled flax seed

Aside for the whole seed and grain crackers I previously baked, I also tried using the milled flax seed sent to me by King Arthur Flour for this whole wheat braided bread. I replaced the half cup of harvest grains called for in the recipe with the same amount of milled flax seed. I was happy with the results. I have always been fond of this type of dark, whole grain type of healthy bread for as long as I could remember. I had a favorite whole wheat bread with lots of seeds in it that I used to buy from a local bread shop back in the Philippines. The braided bread's texture was a bit too dense for my taste but I must say the flavor was very good. I will just have to continue to experiment with other recipes next time now that I know that adding and substituting milled flax seed was so easy to do.

the healthy braided whole wheat and seedy bread was fun to make

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