March 13, 2011

baking with friends

I still have so much to share from my stay in the Philippines this past holiday season. My friends and I had a few opportunities to meet up and one of the most memorable was when we gathered for a baking session. Food, baking and cooking are just some of the interests that kept our friendship going all these years since we graduated from college. Shown below are the results of our breadmaking that day. We went to a local bakeshop supplier at the market and got 1st class bread flour. They sell good quality SAF instant yeast which I like to use. It was the first time I worked with the local bread flour so I wasn't expecting success all the way. The end result was good and we were able to make pan de sal (a popular Filipino roll), dinner and cinnamon rolls and a braided loaf bread.

My friend S also served a healthy but filling lunch for our group that day. The marinated chicken strips made a tasty filling for the toasted pita bread. She also fixed a few sides that went well with the chicken wraps served with aoili dressing. As usual time was too short and we had to part ways but it was fun to bake bread and be with my best friends once again.

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