April 14, 2011

bento eggs

I have always been curious and at the same time fascinated by the Japanese bento. It is no doubt an art. I found many interesting blogs that are dedicated to it showing creativity and patience in preparing a bento box. I'm a fan of cute bento accessories like these adorable egg molds. I tried to look for them in the popular Japanese store chains (Daiso and Japan Home Center)  in the Philippines while I was there but had no luck finding them. I have to thank my husband for ordering these gadgets for me. I call them my kitchen toys and they really work!

the bunny eggs will be cute to make for Easter
I was surprised by how well all the plastic egg molds work 
teddy bear, car, fish and bunny egg molds
hard boiled eggs go into the molds then placed in cold water
haven't used the vegetable cutters yet but I'm sure they work great too

The tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan will never be forgotten. 
We continue to pray for those suffering the loss of their loved ones and property.

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  1. These are so, so cute. Am a fan of these Japanese kitchen gadgets. There used to be a shop near our house but it sadly closed down. Your husband is so sweet, 'no?