June 8, 2011

roast rack of lamb

cooked rare at 140F interior temperature

Attempting my first ever roast rack of lamb at home was a challenge. First off, I wanted to make sure I got everything right as I didn't want this perfect and pricey piece of meat go to waste. To help me out, I even watched a couple of very informative You Tube videos on how to properly french (a new term I learned) a rack of lamb. It was also helpful that our oven has a built-in probe gadget. It beeps when the preferred temperature for doneness has been reached. The timing was crucial so as not to overcook the lamb. This was on the rare side and still pink at 140F when I took it out of the oven. Next time I will try to cook it medium rare at 150F. I also tried to make a red wine reduction sauce (as shown in the first photo above) but it didn't quite work so I need to improve it. The lamb was served with steamed vegetables and pan-fried red potatoes.

resting the rack of lamb before slicing is an important step

(1) the Australian rack of lamb my husband bought at the grocery ~ lamb has always been one of his favorites (2) on a cutting board ready to be "frenched" (getting rid of extra meat and fat surrounding the bones) (3) I got this tip online to slice the thin fat layer with a sharp knife under the bones (4) the frenched rack of lamb rubbed with crushed garlic, salt and pepper, herbs de provence and olive oil and ready to go into the hot oven  (5) getting the correct interior meat temperature with the handy oven probe

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