July 2, 2011

dinner at home

We had a few guests for dinner the other night. My aunt, uncle and friends were in town for a few days. They usually stay by the beach when they're in town. We just invite them over for a little get-together. Our favorite after dinner activities were watching movies and just catching up on the latest. It was a pleasant and relaxing evening. I always enjoy cooking for them as they're all appreciative of the food.
traditional meatloaf of Marikina called everlasting :-) they all loved the flavor of this Spanish-style meatloaf.
roast pork tenderloin marinated in rosemary, olive oil & garlic
a simple side dish of steamed mixed vegetables with shrimp
chicken fricassee ~ pan fried chicken with mushrooms in a creamy sauce
the buffet server was handy ~ it worked great and kept the food warm
(1) Greek salad (2) warm pandesal (3) mozarella, black olives and cherry tomatoes (4) bundt cake and fresh fruits for dessert

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