July 6, 2011

weekend celebration

As a naturalized citizen of this country, 4th of July will always have a special meaning to me. Although I will always treasure the culture and will never forget the Philippines, the country where I come from, I'm proud to say that America is home to me now. For our laid back holiday celebration and to give thanks for my life here, I made some traditional American picnic food. I have visions of summertime picnics, backyard grilling, watermelon, warm apple pie and ice cream when I think of happy summer days here in America.

my idea of summer picnic food ~ barbecue ribs and potato salad
 tender barbecue-flavored spareribs ~ wrapped in foil and slow-roasted in the oven at 260F for 3-4 hours 
I made this with Granny Smith apples ~ I used to make apple pies in the Philippines during the holiday season with juicy apples imported from China

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