July 17, 2011

mango lassi

Funny how images of festive Bollywood dancing flashed before my eyes as I started to sip this refreshing drink :-) That's because I've read that lassi is a popular drink in India. It's often served with spicy Indian food as it has a cooling effect on the palate. It can be flavored with aromatic Indian spices like cardamom and cinnamon. I've heard a lot about popular Indian food like the rice-based dish  lamb biyani which sounds great and roti, a flatbread, which I have to try to make sometime soon.

This lassi combines the sweetness of tropical ripe mangoes and the tart flavor of thick Greek yogurt together. There's no doubt this can easily be my favorite as I have expressed a love for mangoes many times.


1 ripe mango, peeled and diced
Greek yogurt
milk or cream
ground cardamom and cinnamon (optional)
additional sugar or simple syrup if needed
crushed ice*

Combine all ingredients in a blender and puree to make 1 serving.
*To eliminate adding crushed ice, the diced mango may be frozen ahead instead and added to the mixture.


  1. Hi! Rustan is promoting the Flavors of the World Food Festival. Last month, it was about Italy & it ended with wine tasting with different kinds of cheeses. Ang sarap.
    Now, it is about India. Their magazine, sansRival, is featuring Indian recipes & I came across the lassi. The one you prepared is the sweet one. There is also the salty one & the aromatic. With the salty you just add salt. With the aromatic , you can experiment with flavors using various herbs & spices when making the salty one. You can use fresh ginger, mint leaves, cumin seeds, rock salt, coriander & curry.
    Will save the magazine for you.

  2. Thanks for your very informative comment re other lassi versions! Good to hear about the food festival. Like you, I also appreciate international cuisines. Getting a chance to taste them help us to understand and appreciate new flavors and ideas. Nice to hear from you :-)