July 25, 2011

pistachio cookies

Another enjoyable week-long visit from my mom-in-law has sadly ended but we look forward to her return. It was a good chance to make these cookies again while she was here. For quick desserts and any time of the day sweet cravings, cookies are perhaps one the easiest to make. I like it that they keep well for days in an air tight container. They can even be made ahead and frozen too. We have more pistachios from my husband's last order which I vacuum packed and kept in the freezer. They're very convenient to have for baking.

When I first saw a recipe for these Italian pistachio cookies on Trissalicious blog, I knew I had to try to make them too. Chewy and light, they're so different from the more popular cookies I've tried to bake and tasted. They were very easy to make with few ingredients. They're also on the healthier side using only eggwhites and without any trace of butter :-)

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