August 5, 2011

from my aunt's vegetable garden

Sometime ago when my aunt came to visit us, she harvested and brought some produce from her vegetable garden to share with us. It was such a treat to use them for some of our dinner meals. Here are a few samples of what I made with them.

My aunt harvested a good number of banana peppers and some are still in stored in the freezer for future use. I chose a bunch to make into the stuffed peppers shown above. I used country sausage for more flavor and browned it in a skillet. Then I drained it well before adding cheese to bind the mixture before stuffing them into the peppers. Served with some spicy salsa. 

The jalapenos were turned into these chili relleno snacks. I used cooked ground beef seasoned with chili powder and cumin and combined with grated cheese. They were dipped in beaten egg then rolled in breadcrumbs before pan frying. There wasn't anything healthy with these Mexican appetizers but all I can say is they were very spicy and flavorful.

I forgot to take pictures of the fresh cherry tomatoes prior to cooking but this fresh tomato sauce puttanesca style was what I made with them. These cherry or grape tomatoes were noticeably much smaller than those commonly sold at the grocery. Must be another variety.

My aunt also brought these nice looking ampalaya or bitter gourd. They're best used for side dishes, cut into thin slices then cooked with scrambled egg or mixed in with other vegetables.

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