October 10, 2011

College Fjord and Glacier Bay

Feeling a bit tired after our excursions at the ports, I was ready for our relaxing days at sea as we moved on to our next exciting destinations, College Fjord and Glacier Bay National Park. Our cabin's balcony proved to be very useful and convenient for viewing the glaciers and scenery. It was sunny but extremely cold. With the balcony, it was easier for me to step out and  quickly get inside if I needed to and still continued to enjoy the view. It's true that one has to see and experience it to fully appreciate travel destinations such as this. There are just some places that stay in your mind forever. I'm thankful for the opportunity to visit these unforgettable places.

the tide water glaciers of College Fjord
entering Glacier Bay

The ship stopped for awhile when we reached the massive Margerie Glacier (shown below) to give us sometime not just to take photos and admire the views but to be able to witness and feel the majestic panorama of this massive wall of ice that's actually a few stories high. At this point we were literally surrounded by glaciers and ice. Inside the bay, our big cruise ship was transformed into a tiny powerless toy boat amidst the huge boulders of ice. We were blessed with a bright and sunny day. The color of the water was deep blue green in some parts. Mini floating icebergs were also amazing to see and hear as they move along the water.

Margerie Glacier

view from the promenade deck
it was a calm and peaceful day at the bay...from our balcony, we admired the panoramic views of the glaciers reflected on the water...only the sound of the small icebergs happily floating along occasionally disrupted the silence

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