December 16, 2011

chicken bao (siopao)

Straight from Andrea Nguyen's cookbook, Asian Dumplings, I finally tried to make these Filipino-style chicken baos or siopao, as they are best known in the Philippines. They were not complicated to make, thanks to Ms. Nguyen's well-tested recipe and precise instructions. I made these sometime ago using another recipe I found online but the filling was pork instead of chicken. This recipe specified boneless chicken thighs for more flavor. The chicken filling can be made ahead and refrigerated until ready to use. I made sure that the boneless chicken thighs were trimmed of extra fat.

They're convenient to have for lunch or quick snacks and they freeze well individually wrapped in cling wrap then stored in an air tight container. A quick reheating in the microwave for a few seconds and they're ready to eat. They're best kept refrigerated for a few days or they may be frozen for a longer period  of time.

steaming the siopao with chicken filling

lining them with parchment or wax paper prevents sticking
The recipe and procedure may be found in this link thanks to Island Girl foodblog but I was glad I bought a copy of the book. There many other tips, recipes and ideas from Andrea Nguyen that are so helpful in making dimsum at home.

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