February 16, 2012

cooking at home for Valentine's Day

The day before Valentine's Day, my husband treated me to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants close by. We try not to go out for dinner on the day itself. Learning from our past dining experiences, Valentine's Day has always been one of the busiest occasions for most restaurants. We now prefer to stay home where we can enjoy a more relaxing home-cooked dinner.

I was inspired by the idea of cooking and serving two separate and different plates. Somehow, this style of serving made me feel like we were dining at a restaurant. It also felt more special, something that I don't get to do everyday. Shown above in the top photo is my husband's plate with salisbury steak, sauteed mushrooms, gravy and mashed potato. I was craving a light seafood dish that night so I had shrimp in olive oil with lemon garlic sauce and white rice. We also shared a side dish of roasted asparagus and carrots. The asparagus spears are now in season. They were tender and flavorful. I tossed them with a little olive oil, salt and pepper just before roasting.

There's always room for dessert especially on Valentine's Day so for a sweet after-dinner treat, I made oatmeal cookies with chopped pistachio nuts and white chocolate chips. The cookie mixture was chunky and thick like dough and I was glad that using a heart-shaped cookie cutter as a mold worked out well as shown above.

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