July 10, 2012

cherry cake

We set out on a mission early last weekend to check out a small farmer's market in our town where we bought some fresh berries. We also picked up some bing cherries but I still had a batch that I bought on sale at the grocery. I thought it was best to try to make a dessert with them. My search led me to the Joy of Baking website once again. I love their recipes, baking tips and videos. Many cake recipes in the website become less complicated thanks to the videos. This cherry cake recipe caught my attention as I've never made it before. It was exactly what I was looking for. I like the striking contrast of the juicy red bing cherries and the light cake batter. The cake was at its best the day it was baked.

Too bad most of the cherries I put on top sank and didn't come out as perfect as in the picture in the website but the cake was super moist with the cherries. It was very good fresh but the next day, as the cake absorbed too much moisture from the cherries, it became less appealing although the flavor was still good.

best the day it was baked

bing cherries (above) and my other favorite rainier cherries (below)

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