August 4, 2012

mocha chiffon cake

My recent craving for this old fashioned chiffon cake baked in a tube pan brought me back to many memorable years of baking this cake with my mother. I remember how much of a food lover she was. I believe my fascination for food and cooking was a direct result of that exposure to her keen interest and her many stories which revolved around food. Her interest in cooking started at a very young age. Back then, it was customary for teenage girls to be asked to help out whenever there were big events like fiesta or parties in their hometown. While the rest of her friends were busy folding napkins and doing other minor tasks, she would sneak in the kitchen and help out with the food preparations instead. She used to tell me this story and how she learned a lot by observing the cooking techniques and working alongside the experienced professional cooks in the kitchen. She was right that it was one of the best ways to learn. For many years, I would just watch my mother make chiffon cakes all the time. When the time came for me to try to make it myself, it was so much easier for me. These days with so many networks and websites dedicated to food and cooking, it's so much fun to watch and learn. I will always have a deep appreciation for the lessons I learned from my mother and will always treasure the memories of those days spent in the kitchen with her.

a memorable chiffon cake

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