October 10, 2013

pommes duchesse (French piped potatoes)

Saveur magazine remains to be my favorite with its striking food photography and interesting global food articles. Even though most of the time I just quickly scan its colorful pages, every now and then I get a chance to try the recipes too. I was tempted to make these pommes duchesse or  French piped potatoes as soon as I saw them featured in a recent issue. They looked so neatly piped out and arranged in the picture on the Saveur page but as with the case of perfect magazine photography, piping them out proved to be a challenge but still doable.

I think the best part was the way the piped out potatoes get toasted along the thin edges which make an impressive presentation on the plate. Instead of plain looking mashed potatoes, these would make an elegant side dish. The individual portions are also much easier to serve on a platter or small plates. They look special when garnished with fresh parsley. A few baby lettuce leaves may also be tucked under them. 

The recipe and procedure for pommes duchesse may be found in this link at the Saveur website.

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