October 27, 2013

a visit to a mission

I always find it interesting to learn about how people survived their day to day existence in the past centuries and what they used to cook and eat. Sometime ago, we visited Mission San Luis in our state's capital city. We have always enjoyed walking around outdoor exhibits such as this. Holiday weekends are usually the best time to visit. Schools and offices are closed making it less stressful to drive around. We're always thankful when we get to enjoy some peace and quiet in this bustling city. Here are some pictures from our visit.

the entrance and well maintained grounds of the mission

dried nuts and corn on the cob

dried chili peppers ~ they like their food spicy

inside a typical home ~ corner table with nuts and daily supplies

more ears of corn, some fruits and gourds

stone wood burning stove in the kitchen
hanging shelf for extra storage

gourd converted into a pitcher or vase

love these carved wooden bowls

ladies in period costume busy at the outdoor kitchen

a bit of history along the walking path

Spanish friar by a chicken coop

the blacksmith with some of his projects

inside the council house

Apalachee Indians lived and worked in this mission. They were considered to be a powerful tribe. The council house (shown above) was a big gathering place for the community. It was also the venue for ceremonies and meetings. The indoor museum is well designed with many artifacts, historical and religious collections. For more information about this mission, please visit the Mission San Luis website.

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