November 5, 2013

calamansi 2013

The year will not be complete unless I post about our yearly calamansi harvest :-) As shown in the pictures, it was another bountiful batch. Our potted calamansi plants are still growing well and producing healthy fruits. Every summer, it makes me happy to see and smell the fragrant white flower buds as they start to appear on the branches signaling another growing season. I particularly love harvest time when I get to cook many Filipino dishes and meals flavored and marinated with  calamansi juice.

This time I made sure that I cooked one of my favorite noodles we call "pancit" in the Philippines (shown below). Pancit is so much better when sprinkled with the tart but slightly sweet balance of calamansi.

pancit with lean chicken and vegetables served with calamansi

Our potted calamansi plants are over ten years old now but I sure hope they will continue to thrive in their sunny location and provide us with our summertime citrus supply for many years to come :-)


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